Suwon is the smartest city on earth

Jun 9 2010

City government can make a difference

The world’s smartest city is in Korea: Suwon. The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) named this city as the Intelligent Community of the Year for 2010.
Suwon convinced the jury that much can be achieved when the government sets ambitious goals and acts accordingly.

The city has built an economy based on small-to-midsize enterprises specializing in its three target industries IT, biotech and nanotechnology. Two-thirds of Suwon companies specialize in one of its targeted industries.

Moreover the city has actively developed a 21th century information infrastructure. The city decided to develop its own governmental network (despite South Korea’s impressive broadband infrastructure, currently ranked number one in the world). It was able to trim operating costs by eliminating leased lines, and to keep construction costs low. Control of its own network allowed Suwon to boost connection speeds from 32 Mbps to a remarkable and unparalleled 1 Gbps.

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ICF: Suwon, Korea Named Intelligent Community of the Year 2010