Promoting innovation at Skolkovo, Moscow: learning from the best in class

The Skolkovo Foundation in Moscow is developing a highly ambitious new science&innovation city near Moscow. It is to become the key innovative hotspot of Russia, with a concentration of intellectual capital, high-tech firms, startups and research that should generate new ideas, technologies, products and concepts. UrbanIQ was hired by Erasmus University to help realize this ambition. We -a team of three- agreed with the Foundation to make a study about innovation in cities and regions -what are key conditions, which policies and approaches make sense-, and analyze three great innovation hotspots in the world. With the Skolkovo developers, we will discuss the results and hopefully contribute to a favorable development of this concept. The project  also yielded more general lessons for ambitious governments all over the world that aim to create innovative regions.
Some more info on Skolkovo can be found here.

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