Book: Creating Knowledge Locations in Cities: Innovation and Integration Challenges

This book -published with Routlegde, London- deals with the question how cities can successfully develop “knowledge locations” (science parks, knowledge quarters etc.), to promote innovation and make the city more attractive. Many cities invest in such areas, but there are very few comparative studies on this topic.
The book provides an overview of earlier studies, a frame of reference, and offers five in-depth case studies:

*Eindhoven: Strijp S, a design quarter in a former Philips area
*Dublin: The digital Hub, a hotspot for new media companies
*Helsinki: Arabianranta, a creative quarter with a focus on design
*Incheon: Songo, a completely new knowledge city built on reclaimed land
*Munich: Maxvorstad, a museum/cultural quarter
*San Sebastian: PIA, an audio-vidual cluster

In the book, we discuss a number of questions: What makes innovation tick in these concentrations? How are they integrated in the city? What mix of functions is desirable? How to manage these developments?
We conclude, among other things, that synergies don’t come easy: smart management approaches are needed to realize the full potential of these areas.
The book can be ordered here.

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