Chapter: Delivering sustainable urban solutions: A new chapter of corporate involvement in urban management

Cities all over the world dedicate efforts to become more “sustainable”. New solutions are being developed and implemented to achieve these ambitions. Typically, these solutions are shaped in a complex interplay between companies that develop and sell the technologies, city administrations, citizens, universities/knowledge institutes, and other urban stakeholders. This paper explores the relation between corporations, city administrations, and other urban stakeholders. We argue that companies need to develop urban management skills when they want to be successful in the market for “green solutions”. They must learn how to collaborate with citizens, housing corporations, authorities, and other urban stakeholders. They can not just “sell” their sustainable technology solutions to cities: they need to learn how to deal with citizens and the complexities of the urban context, and gain more knowledge and experience in the field of integrated urban development and stakeholder participation. At the same time, urban authorities must learn new ways to engage with companies.

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