Report: The Innovation Performance of Regions: Concepts and Cases

The Skolkovo Foundation (Russia) is developing a new science&innovation city near Moscow.
Is it possible to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that attracts and retains high-potential firms and talented people, and at the same time facilitates innovation through knowledge spillovers? To what extent can such systems be created and managed? What can be learned from examples around the world? To answer these questions, the Foundation has the authors of this report to analyse a successful ecosystems, to disclose what “makes them tick”, and to derive policy lessons for the setup of Skolkovo Science City. We analysed three cases in-depth: Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Suzhou (China) and Stockholm (Sweden).
The study is based on desk research, and a large number of interviews in each city, with large and small companies, academics, the venture capital community, local government, developers.

Here you can download a summary.

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